Sudan Online Justice Hub: News and resources on the conflict and tools for addressing violations

Victims & reparations

Stories and testimonials of victims in Sudan, as well as resources on the search for reparations for victims of mass violence.

Sudan’s war on women

Since the beginning of the war until November, 136 cases of rape throughout Sudan, including 16 cases of minors, has been confirmed.

No Justice without reparations

Even the most comprehensive accountability measures may be seen as incomplete by the affected community without effective reparations.

Open source investigations

A growing and evolving collection of methods and tools used to gather and analyse publicly available information.

Conflict sensitive journalism

The practice of being aware of and sensitive to the implications of reporting in/on conflict-affected areas.

Transitional justice

Transitional justice is justice adapted to societies transforming themselves after a period of pervasive human rights abuse.

The International Criminal Court

The only permanent tribunal with the jurisdiction to investigate & prosecute individuals charged with international crimes.

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